In this province, you can have it all. Veraguas is the only province with access to both the Caribbean and the Pacific Oceans. Its cool mountain temperatures in the north make it easy for visitors to hike to dozens of waterfalls, while its unspoiled, sunny beaches in the South give visitors incredible views and the opportunity to snorkel, dive, and surf in several beautiful beaches.

Veraguas map

Things to Do

If you like cooler temperatures and hiking you should not miss Santa Fe. It is a small, authentic Panamanian village in the mountains just below the continental divide. At 1,500 feet elevation, the temperature ranges from 75 to 85° F. 

Santa Fe National Park is best experienced by foot. You can trek through the stunning mountains, forging across the flowing Santa Maria River. Get close to any of the 20 remote waterfalls by taking on a challenging hike or two. Cross the river back by traversing the steep, narrow, swaying Santa Maria suspension bridge. This is an excellent way to spend the day.

Tubing, bird watching, swimming in the sparkling water holes, and orchid farm tours can also be arranged by local tour operators. Experience kayaking to the remote Caribbean coast at Calovebora or camp at La Yeguada Forest Reserve before heading back the next day. There are limited accommodations on the northern side of the province. Santa Fe is about 1.5 hours or 40 miles from Santiago.

Have the desire to go snorkeling, surfing, or fishing on your vacation? Then Santa Catalina on the Chiriqui Gulf is for you. Surfing, diving, fishing, or snorkeling arrangements can be made or, if you prefer, you can just chillax and enjoy the cool sea breezes.

Santa Catalina is the jumping-off point for most outings to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Isla Coiba. It has one of the largest Pacific coral reefs of the Americas, making it the best destination to dive.

The choppy panga ride out to Isla Coiba takes about 1.5 hours. Dolphins love to follow the boats and will jump out of the water for great photo opportunities. The waters surrounding Coiba contain some of the largest fish in Panamá: whale sharks, hammerheads, and humpback whales. It has the second-largest coral reef along the eastern Pacific and its protection status has allowed marine life to thrive. There are dozens of islands with fine white sand and crystal clear water to snorkel or dive from on the way to Coiba where you will be served lunch. This is a highlight destination for your vacation in Panamá.

Getting There

The Province of Veraguas is located in the center of Panamá. Santiago, the capital of Veraguas, is about 3.5 hours of easy driving on the well-maintained Inter-American Highway from Panama City. You can buy just about anything you need in Santiago as you are driving through the destinations around the province.

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