Coffee: the Pride of Panamá

Panamanian coffee is experiencing a meteoric boom. Discover the mountains and farms that cultivate and roast one of the best-ranked coffees in the world in the districts of Tierras Altas and Boquete. Get to know the processes and people that have achieved the highest standards in the coffee industry and immerse yourself with all your senses in the incredible Panamanian coffee culture.

Coffee Destination

Coffee Destination

Panamá has a privileged geographical location and the mountains of this area have even more special conditions.

Coffee Culture

Coffee Culture

Visit our coffee destinations for a better idea of coffee’s quality; above all, of the importance of the land and the hands that cultivate and process this crop.

When to Go

When to Go

No matter what season you come to our mountains, you can always book a tour that includes tasting and hiking in the farms.

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