Surfing the Pacific Coast of Veraguas

Whether you’re a surfer or not, don't hesitate to swing by the Pacific coast of Veraguas on your next trip to Panamá. Veraguas, in the center of the country, is one of the greenest and most natural provinces. You will love its incredible beaches, its vibe and especially its huge waves.

Enjoy the tides over reef, with its rocky and sandy seabeds, which suit all levels of experience. The Veraguas Pacific has several surfing beaches that are next to the Gulf of Montijo. You will be able to move very easily between them and get to know another facet of your destination. The four best surfing beaches in the area are Playa Malena and Playa Morrillo, east of the gulf and El Estero and Punta Santa Catalina in the west.

Worldwide Acclaim

Worldwide Acclaim

The best known surf beach in Veraguas is Santa Catalina. It is safe to say that its waves put Panamá on the international surfing map.


Get ready to discover one of the longest beach breaks in Central America.

In 2010 and 2013, Santa Catalina was the host beach for the ISA World Championship. The championship was so successful that Panamá decided to host it twice more on another beach and is expected to return in the near future.

One of the reasons why Santa Catalina is so cool, is that here you can choose from several surf breaks that can reach up to 9 meters (30 feet), and the swell is fairly consistent throughout the year.

When to Come

When to Come

If you want to come and try the best waves of the Veraguas Pacific Coast, we recommend that you visit during the long high season, between the months of April and November. At that time, the rain creates much more interesting swells and the waves get more intense.

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