Sport Fishing on the Pacific Coast of Veraguas

If you like to defy nature and fight huge fish in the open sea, plan your next vacation with a good sport fishing trip on the Pacific Coast of Veraguas. With hundreds of miles of coastline, marine life refuges and an ideal climate, this is a perfect destination for fishing on the coast and open sea, during all months of the year.

Ports and Destinations

Ports and Destinations

On the Pacific Coast of Veraguas, you'll find several ports to start your sport fishing adventure.

Fishing Season

Fishing Season

Although you can fish on the Pacific Coast of Veraguas throughout the year, the best time for you to visit us is “the green season”, from the end of April to the beginning of December.

With the end of the rain, in December, you'll have to make shorter trips or keep an eye out for currents and winds. If you find a good day, you'll see how the currents bring giant schools of small fish that attract larger predators, such as black marlin. Finally, if you like to compete against marlins, in February you can find blue, black and striped marlins.

Fishing Tours

Fishing Tours

Depending on the port you choose to set sail from, on the Pacific Coast of Veraguas you'll find different sport fishing trips.

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