Things To Do in Panama

Panama finds itself not only at the crossroads between North and South America, but also between fast-paced cosmopolitan life and traditional earth-centered cultures, modernity and history, sun-drenched terrain and mysterious rainforest, science and nature, and exhilaration and serenity. It's a unique country that rewards exploration, bringing together countless sights and sensations—all within 30,000 square miles: an area roughly equivalent to that of South Carolina. Things to do in Panama offer the perfect immersive adventure.

City Life

Experience a unique slice of big city life in Panama City where skyscrapers reign supreme and cut out a striking skyline right along the water. As the capital of the country, this bustling city has the modern infrastructure you would expect of any world-class city. Adding complexity to the modernity of Panama City is the juxtaposition of historic sites like Panama Viejo and the cobblestoned streets of Casco Antiguo

On top of that, Panama City is the only capital in the world with a tropical rainforest within the city limits. Nature-filled experiences and pristine national parks are just minutes from the heart of downtown. You can be looking up at a marvel of contemporary architecture one minute and then whisked off to lush greenery with a cab ride the next minute.

Panama City’s gastronomy scene offers five-star restaurants and cuisines from cultures around the world, making Panama City the place to find top-rated chefs preparing excellent dishes. In this UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, you can dine on rooftops looking out at the city lights or choose a table to view magnificent sunsets. You’ll find culinary delights well beyond the capital city too

When the sun sets, get ready for the amazing nightlife. In Panama City, you can take your pick of rooftop bars in the Casco Viejo neighborhood; sophisticated, open-air establishments downtown; and lively bars in the Amador Causeway area.

Your days in the city can be full of shopping at any of the dozens of upscale malls where you’ll find all the major department stores and big-name luxury brands.

Adventure, Nature & Wildlife

Panama has one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world and is home to the most researched rainforest in the world, along with miles of pristine beaches, cloud forests atop a rugged mountain range, and an offshore world full of marine life and coral reefs.

Panama has mandated that 30% of Panama’s land is designated as national parks and wildlife reserves, so the possibilities for outdoor exploration abound.

Panama's off-the-beaten-path natural areas are an unexpected find for adventure seekers. The country will surprise you with its accessibility and the possibility to be up close and personal with nature and wildlife without crowds of people in a way you can’t be elsewhere.

Take your pick of fishing, hiking, bird watching, biking, kayaking, surfing, deep-sea fishing, or snorkeling—Panama has destinations to partake in all these activities. The adventure and discovery of Panama lie in its backroads, trails, and beaches visited by only a few. These peaceful spaces also provide excellent opportunities to pursue wellness, from yoga retreats to spas and thermal baths.

Panama’s Special History & Culture

Successfully threading together different cultures and history, Panama has a mix of many peoples and races that coexist and make the country the rich melting pot of cultures it is today.

Throughout Panama’s history, it has chosen its own traditions and embraced new cultures. Museums reflect the history of all the cultures of Panama, as do the folklore traditions. The country has received UNESCO World Heritage designation for two cultural sites, three natural sites, as a creative city, and for intangible cultural heritage.

Ancient archaeological ruins from long ago are found here and are worth exploring for those interested in long-lost cultures. Of course, the Panama Canal, the 8th wonder of the modern world, is Panama's most important modern contribution to the world and no trip to Panama is complete without a visit to this top attraction.

You can also seek out the seven indigenous communities in Panama that generously provide a look into their world, allowing outsiders to see their customs, traditions, and daily life. This is a rare opportunity to learn about the cultures spanning back thousands of years in Panama.

What Are You Waiting For?

From modern bustling Panama City to quiet uninhabited tropical islands, Panama is a tourist destination unlike any other. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

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