Places to Stay in Panamá

No matter where you are in Panamá, you will find the perfect accommodation for you and your needs.

The cosmopolitan Panamanian capital offers travelers a wide and varied range of accommodations. Panama City has more than 20,000 rooms ranging from 5-star hotels, among the most renowned hotel chains around the world, to boutique hotels, colorful hostels, and bed & breakfasts.

If you prefer to be close to nature in other parts of the country, there is also a place to recharge your batteries and admire spectacular views of tropical forests or breathtaking beaches. And if you are drawn towards enjoying a historical environment which preserves the spirit of past times, you can also do so and receive flawless service.

If you want to explore further beyond, there are extensive beach resorts located near Panamá City. The first ones are about 15 minutes away from crossing the Bridge of the Americas. One and a half hours further on, we find Riviera Pacífica (Pacific Riviera), where you can find all-inclusive beach resorts with more than 2,000 thousand rooms.