Birdwatching on the Pacific Coast of Veraguas

The Pacific Coast of Veraguas, with two national parks and a wetland declared a Ramsar site, is a natural paradise with unmatched biodiversity. With more than 250 species, birdwatching lovers will not want to miss this special spot. Here, we will tell you where to go if you want to visit the best places to birdwatch on the Pacific Coast of Veraguas, as well as give you a foretaste of what you can find.



Just by visiting the strategic places in Veraguas, you can add more than 250 species to your bird count.


You will be able to see resident species such as the Orange-necked Manakin (Manacus aurantiacus), migratory birds such as the Curlew (Whimbrel), and even a few rarities such as the Lesser Harpy (Morphnus guianensis) that pass through Panamá from time to time. 

During your visit, try to find the three regional endemic species that inhabit the humid forests of the Pacific slope such as the Veraguas mango (Anthracothorax veraguensis) and the blackish batara (Thamnophilus bridgesi). But if you are looking for rare birds, try to find the great green macaw (Ara ambiguus) and the black-and-white eagle (Spizaetus melanolecus). If you want to see those little birds that you won't be able to see anywhere else in the world, be sure to visit Cerro Hoya, Coiba National Park to discover some secrets. 



Visit Cerro Hoya National Park and look for the 96 species of birds that inhabit its diverse landscapes.

When to Go

When to Go

If your goal is to see the enigmatic Azuero painted parakeet, we recommend going between June and July. If you want to count migratory birds, the season begins in September and lasts until early November, with October being the best time.

Make the most of your visit to enjoy the incredible beaches of the Pacific and include hiking, surfing or turtle and whale watching tours in your itinerary. 

Tour the Pacific Coast of Veraguas, explore forests, islands and cliffs to have the best birdwatching experience. Come with your list on hand: you'll be surprised how many species you can cross off on your bird count.

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