Fishing Adventures in Pedasi and Tonosi

If you're looking for a fishing holiday, Pedasi and Tonosi are must-see destinations. From Pedasi or Tonosi, in the province of Los Santos, you can access 5 starting points for fishing on the coast or open sea. In the areas surrounding Pedasi and Tonosi, fishing is so good that the locals call it the “Tuna Coast”.

Fishing in the Tuna Coast

Fishing in the Tuna Coast

In this area, the success of your fishing day is practically guaranteed.


You'll be able to sail from shallow to deep waters and find an abundance of unparalleled life. 

Another great advantage of this region is that it has very little sport fishing boats, so you can enjoy your adventure without much competition. In this area, you'll have greater chances of fishing big.

If your visit coincides with the rainy season (April to December) you have nothing to worry about. This area is called the “Dry Arc” because it gets less rain and less wind than the rest of the country, so you will have a fairly calm sea. If you come from December to April, you'll find open-sea fish closer to shore and very close to the usual species.

If you choose the months of July to September for your fishing trip to Panamá, you'll be arriving in the whale watching season. Be sure to look for them when you get on your boat. You can have an experience that you'll never forget.

Where to go

Where to go

From the towns of Pedasi or Tonosi, you'll be within walking distance of several ports.

A little more than half an hour away, you'll find Playa Venao and the Port of Mensabe. Departing from Venao, you can do coastal and deep-sea fishing. In addition, on the beach you can enjoy surfing and other activities. From the Port of Mensabe, you'll find a diversity of species, as well as the incredible history and culture of its people.

Always remember to sail with a certified captain and make sure they have all the necessary equipment for a safe trip. Ask your guide about closed seasons to protect Panamá's diversity. Hop on your boat or a motorized panga and start your journey.

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