Panamá Whale Watching

Panamá attracts thousands of humpback whales twice a year, making it a prime destination for whale-watching. An oasis of warm water and wildlife protection, our country prides itself on caring for the whales that call our Pacific Ocean home during the breeding and mating seasons. Panamá resides in one of the only two regions worldwide where humpback whales from the Northern and Southern hemispheres migrate for breeding during the dry and wet seasons. 

Panamá welcomes you to experience a bucket-list moment while supporting conservation and educational opportunities for locals and tourists alike. A hidden gem for whale-watching, the country takes conservation efforts seriously, creating strict guidelines around this activity to protect these gentle giants, only allowing two boats to follow a pod of whales at a time and requiring them to keep at least an 820-foot distance. Swimming or diving near the whales is strictly prohibited. 

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of whale watching, especially when a whale comes out to greet you. Add to the positive economic impact and preservation of the species. In Panamá, the experience is unlike any other. 

When & where to watch

When & where to watch

Starting late June, you can see humpbacks through October. Over 1,000 of them migrate here for the breeding season.


September is prime time for spotting these whales. And between January and March, you can see humpbacks that have migrated to the warm waters of Panamá – especially to the Gulf of Chiriqui – from Washington, Oregon, and California.

What you might see

What you might see

When they come to stay in Panamá’s waters for breeding and mating season, humpback whales quickly become the star.

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