From Beach to Beach Along the Riviera Pacifica

Touring the Riviera Pacifica involves 25 miles (40 km) of coastline and more beach options than you can imagine. Just an hour and a half from Panamá City by car, it begins this sequence of beaches that will gladden the heart of anyone who enjoys the waves, boat rides or underwater life. Visit uninhabited beaches with huts, ranches, bars, and kiosks, or stay in luxury or all-inclusive accommodations. If there is one thing the Riviera Pacifica beaches have, it is options.

Your Ideal Beach

Your Ideal Beach

As for the landscape, the variety of colors is a sand sample you can collect. As you walk along them, you will see that some have patches of pearly black, golden, and white sand, which makes the visual effect of the sea change as well.

Wake up with the Waves

Wake up with the Waves

Enjoy the tremendous development that has taken place in the Riviera Pacifica in recent years and enjoy it to the fullest, staying overnight.

The most common way to get there is by road. The Riviera Pacifica begins in Chame, in the province of West Panama, and continues along the Panamerican Highway to Farallon, in the province of Cocle, two and a half hours from the city. Driving to them is easy, mainly because they are all well-signposted and appear on Google Maps. Another option is to choose a charter flight to the Scarlett Martinez International Airport in Rio Hato and schedule a pick-up with your hotel. 

12 Beaches to Enjoy the Riviera Pacifica

No one gets bored on the Riviera Pacifica. Its array of beaches is so different that their activities and lodging options seem endless. Enjoy this beach chain with different sand and watercolors, and such changing tides that the landscape transforms every 6 hours.

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