Isla Grande

Despite its name, Isla Grande is a small island off of Panama’s Caribbean coast in the province of Colon. The beautiful and peaceful island is home to around 1,000 inhabitants, mostly of African descent. Adding to the relaxed vibe of the island is the fact that there are no roads, only footpaths. Come to enjoy a truly Caribbean atmosphere, as well as local Afro-Caribbean cuisine characterized by flavorful ingredients and spices such as curry, coconut, fresh seafood, and local vegetables. You can also expect to find remote beaches surrounded by palm trees, white sand, and turquoise waters. 

Plan for a relaxing beach experience when you come to Isla Grande. During certain times of the year, you’ll find excellent surfing waves on the northern and western sides of the island. Other times, you’ll find an ideal setting for diving, snorkeling, and spearfishing on the southern coast. Choose to buy a day pass for the more populated beaches, or venture further out for the chance to have a beach all to yourself.

Getting There

Drive or take a 2-hour bus ride from Panama City to La Guaira. From there, you’ll take a short water taxi ride to the island.