Visit Pedasi & Tonosi, Home of Sea Turtles

If you want to experience sea turtle spawning, or perhaps, and even more exciting, be present when eggs hatch and newborns run to the sea by natural instinct, we have the perfect destination for you. 

The regions of Pedasi and Tonosi are an authentic turtle sanctuary as four of the world's seven species of sea turtles lay their eggs here: the Kemp's ridley sea turtle, green, hawksbill and leatherback. In addition, in two of its beaches there is an incredible phenomenon that only happens in 14 beaches in the world: the arribadas.



Arribadas are massive arrivals of olive ridley sea turtles to the same place.


Thousands of mother turtles cross the ocean to lay their eggs on the same beach where they were born, hundreds of years ago. There are very few nights of the year, but up to 9,000 turtles may arrive in a single day, an experience that you will definitely not forget.

Sea turtles hold fascinating secrets that science has not yet been able to explain. One of them is the natural call to its place of origin. And it does not matter how much they have sailed during their migrations, when they enter the breeding season they return to the beach where they were born, slowly dig their nest and, after leaving hundreds of eggs, get lost in the sea again. And so on, until the next cycle.

Come See Them

Come See Them

The repetitive behavior of sea turtles, which has not changed in hundreds of years, gives us the incredible opportunity to wait for them, from July to early October, to see the exact moment of their return to dry land.

If you visit this beach in search of nesting turtles you will see large amounts of olive ridley turtles; Although in recent seasons two green turtles (endangered species) were reported. 

Thanks to the efforts to preserve the species, the protection of mothers when nesting and the care of the nests, in the 2022-2023 season 645,724 young were counted entering the sea safe and sound. 

The beach is 30 minutes from Guanico Abajo, in Tonosi. In Guanico, you will find hostels and surf clubs where you can also enjoy other beach attractions.

This refuge also has a very large mangrove ecosystem, where you can do bird watching and find many more marine species. 

To visit Isla Cañas from Pedasi or Tonosi, you must arrive in Puerto Cañas and take a boat for 10 minutes through a beautiful mangrove landscape.

If you want to go to Playa Venao to do turtle watching, you can contact the foundation and participate in their campaigns. You can take care of the moms while they spawn, take care of the eggs while they are transplanted, or take care of the baby turtles on their way to the sea. 

Playa Venao is about 40 minutes between Pedasi and Tonosi, by car.

Here you will find the organization Tortugas Pedasi, dedicated to the study and conservation of the area's marine-coastal ecosystems. The organization emerged from a course held by the Water and Land Foundation, to understand the importance of protecting sea turtles and their environment. Among their efforts, they patrol the beaches, hold educational days and carry out all kinds of initiatives to fulfill their protection mission. 

Now in Playa Lagarto they have their first sea turtle nursery, where more than 7,000 turtles have already been released. If you want to visit Playa Lagarto and get to know the foundation's mission, you must register as a volunteer, because the outings are done as a moment of education and contribution to the survival of the species rather than as a tourist event. 

From Pedasi, the refuge can be reached after a 30-minute walk. From Tonosi, you will have to drive just over an hour to reach the edge of the beach. 

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