Coffee From Tierras Altas: From Panamá to The World

Tierras Altas, in Chiriquí, is the obligatory stop for coffee lovers. The microclimates of this region, along with the nutrient mix of its soil, create the conditions for the development of a high-quality grain that has won international awards.

In Tierras Altas, coffee is produced at altitude, from 1,300 to 1,800 meters above sea level (4,265 to 5,900 feet). At this altitude and under the care of experts, a coffee with greater acidity, aroma and very tasty is grown. On your visit to Tierras Altas, you will learn about Geisha coffee, one of the most exclusive varieties in the world, which has achieved the quality record among specialty coffees in the Best of Panama (BOP) International Tasting.

High-Altitude Coffee

High-Altitude Coffee

In addition to Geisha, other varieties such as Caturra, Catuaí, Pacamara and Obatá are also planted in Tierras Altas. You can get to know them all by visiting farms in the Volcán and Cerro Punta areas that are part of the “Coffee Circuit”.

Add to Your Visit

Add to Your Visit

Each farm has something special that makes it different. You can visit one of the oldest farms in the country, and others awarded for their exclusive product.

4 Coffee Plantations and Farms to Visit in Tierras Altas

Tierras Altas has farms specialized in high-altitude coffee, that’s grown between 1,300 and 1,800 meters above sea level (4,265 to 5,900 feet). Explore the “Coffee Circuit” which is a series of farms that have been adapted so that you can walk among the fields and learn how coffee gets from the seed to your cup. You can visit at any time of the year, but if you choose to go during the harvest season (between December and March) you will also be able to see what artisan harvesting is like.

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