Volcan Baru National Park

Visit the highest point in the country, which also happens to be a volcano! At 3,474 meters high, the towering Baru Volcano is the 12th highest peak in Central America and the only place in the world where, on the clearest of days, you can see the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans at the same time. The Volcano and its surrounding land feature five different ecosystems thanks to a combination of rainforest highlands, as well as the byproducts of volcanic eruptions that occurred millions of years ago. 

Volcan Baru National Park is located in the province of Chiriqui, which is an internationally recognized producer of geisha coffee, thanks to the area’s volcanic soil. This high-quality coffee is grown at extremely high altitudes and is one of the most expensive coffee varieties in the world. Make sure to pick some up when you visit!

Baru Volcano has seven craters, and several hiking trails you can take to see them. Some trails are quite challenging, while others are shorter and more accessible. If you’re a very experienced hiker, you can make the epic journey to the top of the volcano via the town of Volcan. This demanding hike can take up to eight hours there and back. For a more accessible journey to the top, you can enter the park in the town of Boquete, where you can access the peak by 4x4 in about 90 minutes, or by hiking on a long, but easier trail. When you get to the top, you’ll be standing at the highest point in Panamá. If the timing’s right, stay for an incredible sunset above the clouds, or consider camping there to experience a night close to the stars. 

Getting There

The Baru Volcano is located in the Chiriqui Highlands, surrounded by the towns of Boquete, Volcan and Cerro Punta. The entrance of the Park is in Boquete, where hikes and most tours start from.