Snorkel in Pedasi and Tonosi

If you're a lover of underwater life, then get ready for an exciting adventure on your trip to Panamá. Don't miss the opportunity to explore Pedasi and Tonosi, two hidden gems that will open doors to an underwater world full of surprises. Dive into Isla Iguana to discover a breathtaking marine treasure, explore the sunken ship at Guanico, and admire the vibrant coral patches at Destiladero. An unforgettable underwater experience awaits you!

Isla Iguana

Isla Iguana

This more than 58-hectare (142-acre) refuge is home to birds, iguanas, and hundreds of crabs and hermits. In addition to two beaches: El Cirial and El Faro, linked by a short path in the middle of the jungle.

Swim Over Coral Patches

Swim Over Coral Patches

If you want to continue the adventure, the coral patches of La Pororoca and El Joron are also very good scenarios, as the water is very calm and you'll be able to see quite a few fish.


Las Palmitas will surprise you with its colors and without worrying about the currents. Los Hongos has a very wide coral patch that you can enjoy with your snorkeling equipment. And finally, Caña Brava and Las Piedras, we leave these locations for those with more experience, as they have somewhat strong currents. 

In addition to Isla Iguana, you can visit Achotines and Puerto Escondido, other snorkeling spots in the area. In both you'll find very large and varied colonies of soft corals. And, if you're really curious, ask about the Taboga shipwreck, a ship that sank in the early 20th century around Guanico, 12 miles (20 km) from Tonosí. It's a real secret among experts, as it doesn't appear in guidebooks.

When to go

When to go

The rainy season, from April to November, is the most recommended, as the Pacific is quite still, which gives you greater visibility underwater.

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