Tierras Altas: Hiking, Waterfalls and Mountain Adventures

The Tierras Altas region, in the province of Chiriquí, is the other side of Panamá: mountainous, with a very cool climate with temperatures ranging from 25ºC (77ºF) to 12ºC (53ºF), even dropping to 0ºC (32ºF) at the highest points. These mountains, full of flora and fauna, are the perfect destination for those who love to walk in the middle of nature.

Tierras Altas surprises, above all, those who venture onto steep and long trails. If you decide to climb the Barú Volcano, you will be walking among the clouds on the highest peak in Panamá, at 3,475 meters above sea level (11,410 ft.). There you can camp, watch the sunrise and enjoy a unique spot from where you can see the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans from the same place!

Trails for Everyone

Trails for Everyone

If, on the other hand, you want another type of tour, you will be delighted to know that even the simplest trails will take you to incredible views, beautiful waterfalls and animals hidden among the vegetation.

Schedule your Excursions

Schedule your Excursions

In Tierras Altas, mainly in Cerro Punta, you can also walk through fields, ecological reserves, forests, farms and gardens. Admission to several trails and waterfalls is free, but going with an experienced guide will make the adventure much more worthwhile.


They will show you the most beautiful points, tell you about the biodiversity around you and its importance, look for wild animals so that you don't miss anything and, above all, they will ensure your safety.

One of the great advantages of walking in Tierras Altas is that you can do it throughout the year. The weather in Panamá is dry and sunny from December to March. The rains generally begin in April and continue until December. The good thing is that although the downpours are usually heavy, they are also very fast and, within a few minutes, the sun comes out again. 

Always carry a raincoat in your backpack, wear quick-drying clothing and shoes with good soles. If you are going to take on longer trails, make sure you wear several layers of light clothing. The sensation of temperature varies depending on the altitude, walks in the sun or in the shade.

Come to Tierras Altas with your eyes open and camera in hand. The views, the waterfalls and the animals that you will see while you walk through them will fill you with memories that you will want to share. 

11 Trails in Tierras Altas You Will Love

Tierras Altas is an incredible destination for those who love to walk among nature and challenge themselves while doing so. Its mountains are criss-crossed by trails with ascents and descents that vary depending on the route you choose. Hike to magnificent waterfalls and marvel at the abundant greenery and stunning views. Travel its paths, climb its mountains and discover its different microclimates that give life to an immense diversity. Do it by following this list of 11 routes for hikers of all levels.

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