Beaches on the Pacific Coast of Veraguas

During your trip to Panamá, come to the Pacific Coast of Veraguas. There you'll find white, golden and black sand beaches, beaches with hotels and restaurants or, if you prefer, paradisiacal beaches in their natural state. On your tour, you'll see nature refuges, turtle sanctuaries, and world-class surfing.

Beaches in Mariato

Beaches in Mariato

Right on the border of the province of Los Santos, you'll find the Mariato district, home to 10 of the largest beaches on the Pacific Coast of Veraguas.

Beaches of the Gulf of Montijo

Beaches of the Gulf of Montijo

If you're looking for a destination to enjoy nature without distractions, visit the Gulf of Montijo. This natural paradise hides a lot of biodiversity and incredible landscapes.


South of the Gulf of Montijo you'll find Santa Catalina, one of Panama's most famous surfing beaches. Its waves have been ranked among the best in the world. In this small town, you'll find a wide range of hotels and restaurants. In addition, in Santa Catalina you can enjoy 3 beaches, the best vibes and find a port of departure to continue discovering beaches on different islands. 

On Cebaco Island, enjoy 50 km (31 miles) of coastline with beautiful black sand beaches. Take a hike to the waterfall and stay in one of the rustic cabins. On Isla Gobernador, you can see beautiful gray and white sand beaches, snorkel, and take a hike to the Cerro Ceibo lookout. Around Isla Cébaco, you can visit Tres Islas, with beaches where you can snorkel, body surf and walk in the middle of nature. Also, if you visit us during the season, you can see whales and dolphins.

Coiba National Park

Coiba National Park

Visit this national park, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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