Pedasi and Tonosi, the Cradle of folklore

Get to know the rich and varied folklore of Panamá in Pedasi and Tonosi. The region of Los Santos, where these two towns are located, is considered the cradle of Panamanian folklore. Don't miss out on seeing and listing all the tasks involved in a gala skirt. Listen to the incomparable sound of a marjorana at local festivals and learn how the pintao hat is made, a process that was named Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Typical Panamanian Costume

Typical Panamanian Costume

The pollera is a long, pleated skirt with a matching blouse that can be made of cotton or linen. The costume is always accompanied by gold garments, such as necklaces, tembleques and earrings.

The Pintao Hat

The Pintao Hat

The most remarkable piece of men's clothing is the pintao hat.

Music and Dance

Music and Dance

Music, of course, is an essential element in Los Santos culture.

Year-round Festivities

Year-round Festivities

The province of Los Santos is full of events you can participate in. In most of them, you can see parades of floats, dances, typical songs and listen to local artists who visit the most important fairs.


You can also get all kinds of handicrafts, taste traditional food and let yourself be carried away by the happiness that springs from the streets.

When you visit Pedasi, Tonosi and other towns in the province of Los Santos, you can see the importance of folklore reflected in the architecture of their houses and central squares, the philosophy of their people, their clothing, their fairs and festivals and all kinds of artistic expression. Make your experience more enriching by learning some dance in the streets of Los Santos, taste Panamanian cuisine and meet artisans and farmers to learn, from the inside, what it is to be a Panamanian.

Experience the Panamanian Folklore in Pedasi and Tonosi

In the region where the towns of Pedasi and Tonosi are located, in the center of the country, you will find one of the most important centers of Panamanian culture. Its long list of parties and festivals honors traditions, religious beliefs, typical costumes, music and gastronomy. Here we provide

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