Whale Watching in Pedasi and Tonosi

Seeing a huge whale jumping or swimming quietly with its newborn baby in the middle of the deep blue is something unforgettable, and from Tonosi and Pedasi you can live this experience to the fullest in the middle of a natural paradise. There are more than 2,000 humpback whales that visit us every year! Do not miss the opportunity to see some of them while protecting their calves.

The Ideal Place

The Ideal Place

Panamá is a very important step in the migratory route of humpback whales, which makes the country a privileged destination for those who want to come and observe them.


The reason why we are such a special place is that these huge mammals go up the Pacific in search of warmer and calmer waters to be able to spend the mating season and, above all, to give their newborns a more suitable place for their first months of life.

The Panamanian Pacific coast is one of the two regions of the world where humpbacks arrive from both hemispheres. Knowing the importance of our resources, during the last few years Panamá has joined global conservation efforts, has created programs to protect large marine mammals and invites you to a whale watching trip, but with a considerable focus on species education and conservation.

The Right Time

The Right Time

If you want to come and live this incredible experience, keep in mind that the high season to see whales is from the end of July to October, with September being the month of greatest sightings.

Plan Your Trip

Plan Your Trip

If you are visiting Pedasi, it is best to book a whale tour in the village. Tours depart from El Arenal beach (3.5 kms, 1.8 miles from Pedasi) towards the Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuge.

By car from Panama City, it takes you around 7 hours to get to Tonosi and 6 to Pedasi. If you come by bus, in the Gran Terminal de Buses de Albrook there is a direct service to Los Santos. If you are already in Pedasi or Tonosi, you can take a taxi to get to El Arenal beach and leave for the island. 

Tour operators include transportation from the city or from any hotel in Los Santos. You won't miss out on exploring this paradise!

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