Bird Watching in Tierras Altas

When you travel to Panamá, don't miss a visit to Tierras Altas for bird watching. This destination is considered strategic by experts, and you’ll be able to check a lot of species off your list.

In these Chiriqui mountains, you’ll discover more than 500 species native to both the Caribbean and the Pacific. Travel through the many parks and nature reserves that create a protection network for hundreds of species. On your way, you will see many endemic and migratory birds.

Endemic and Migratory Birds

Endemic and Migratory Birds

According to experts, on a normal walk through the streets and forests of Tierras Altas, you can find up to 20 species.

Bird Watching Seasons

Bird Watching Seasons

If you want to find as many species as possible, visit Tierras Altas between September and November.


In this season, migratory birds descend from the north to the south of the continent, and you’ll be able to see many species in large numbers.

From February to April there is a second migration season, when the birds return north. Although you will see fewer, as they return by different routes, this is the time for local birds. In these months, the rainy season begins and with it the breeding season. You’ll see their courtship displays, building nests and raising chicks.

If you can't visit us in any of these seasons, don't worry; in Tierras Altas, birders have incredible species records all year long.

Bird Watching Tours

Bird Watching Tours

Hike through the Talamanca Mountains in La Amistad International Park and Baru Volcano National Park to find species such as the three-wattled bellbird (Procnias tricarunculatus), the bare-necked umbrellabird (Cephalopterus glabricollis) and the Talamanca hummingbird (Eugenes spectabilis).

Venture deep into the cloud forest and rain forest on a quest to find all kinds of birds.

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