Freshwater fishing in Panama City

If you’re into freshwater fishing, in Panamá, you can live a unique experience: fishing in the Panama Canal.

Another less traditional option is to start in La Arenosa, the westernmost end of the lake. This pier is situated 44,7 miles (72 km) away. There, you’ll find a fishing club, boats for rent, and restaurants.

Fishing in the Bayano River

Fishing in the Bayano River

Another great destination for freshwater fishing is the Bayano River. Its 128-mile length (206 km) makes it the third longest river in the country.


Explore incredible jungle-like scenery while going for your much-desired fishing and enjoy the nature that surrounds you. In Bayano, you’ll be able to catch a colorado snapper (Lutjanus colorado) or a trahira (Hoplias malabaricus), among others.

To get there, you’ll have to drive for 1 hour and a half until you get to the detour at Chepo. Keep driving until you find Puerto Coquira, where the tours begin. Sail through the river looking for your fishing and, after it, spend the whole afternoon having fun by the lake.

Fishing Tours

Fishing Tours

Book a tour in any of these destinations to enjoy freshwater fishing. Usually, the plan includes transportation, food, drinks, captain, watercraft and fishing tackle (these last could have an extra fee depending on the agency).

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