Boquete’s coffee farms that are part of the Coffee Tour have their doors open so that you can walk around the coffee plantations, learn the production process– from sowing, harvest, and selection of beans until the preparation–and, of course, taste the most exclusive varieties of coffee. Boquete’s coffee farms are located between the 1,000 and 2,100 meters above the sea level (3,280 to 6,900 feet) and, thanks to the rich soil of the region, they produce more than 10 coffee varieties such as Caturra Rojo and Amarillo, Catuaí, Java, Mundo Novo, Pache and, above all, the award-winning Geisha. Here is our list of open door coffee plantations for you to visit in Boquete.

1. Café Altieri Specialty Coffee

  • Location: Los Naranjos
  • Getting there: it’s 10 minutes from Boquete downtown on Buenos Aires avenue.

Coffee Farm

In this exclusive farm, located within the Volcan Baru National Park, you’ll enjoy the amazing green landscape of the foggy rainforest while you’ll savor a good coffee. Here you can take guided walks through the plantations, which are surrounded by mountain bamboo and blackberry, visit the mills and do tastings guided by professional baristas in the farm's laboratories. You can also do a tasting of 6 varieties, where you’ll learn about aromas, fragrances and post-harvest processes, and close with a delicious toast.

Altieri has a community development program that provides housing to its workers, school support, job options for women who are mothers, health services, education and comprehensive support.

The experiences that you can enjoy inside the farm are:

  • El Paseíto Experience: 1 hour and a half.
  • Geney Boy Tasting Experience: 1 hour.
  • Geney Boy Deluxe Experience: from 2 hours to 2 hours and a half.
  • Mima’s Tale Experience: 1 hour.

2. Elida Farm

  • Location: Los Naranjos
  • Getting there: 16 minutes from Bajo Boquete, along highway 41.

Los Narajos

Elida is a family-owned and ecological farm where specialized guides will tell you the secrets to sow and harvest the best coffee beans. To visit Elida Estate farm is to visit the top of the top. In 2019 the farm broke world quality records, when it was considered the most exclusive coffee in the world!

In the different tours they offer, you’ll learn about their history and trajectory, you’ll pass through the plantations and the production plant, where they will explain the processes and types of coffee, to finish with a tasting in which you can try the coffee husk tea. In addition, you’ll be able to visit special places on the farm with other types of plantations and you will see incredible landscapes. The different tours offered are:

  • El Plano Tour: 2 hours.
  • La Torre Tour: 3 hours. 
  • Meet the Producer: 3 hours. 
  • Coffee Tasting: 1 hour. 

The costs of the experiences vary from $25 to $130. 


3. Lérida Farm

  • Location: Los Naranjos
  • Getting there: 18 minutes from downtown, along highway 41.

Finca Lérida

What makes Lérida farm a distinctive place is its connection with the construction of the Panama Canal. The farm’s founder was the engineer who designed the Canal's security gates. In Finca Lérida farm, in addition to the coffee tour, you can stay in a boutique hotel and enjoy the amazing landscapes of Boquete.

This is an interactive tour that begins in the fields of Boquete. There, they’ll tell you about how important the district’s soil, altitude, and microclimate in the production of a good bean are; then, you’ll walk all over the area while they tell you the history, the origin, and the secrets of the farm. You’ll continue the tour at the industrial production zone and, finally, you’ll make a guided tasting of the different varieties while they explain to you the ways of preparing and drinking a good cup of coffee. 

The cost of the experience is about $35.

4. Don Pachi Estate Farm

  • Location: Los Naranjos
  • Getting there: 14 minutes from downtown, along highway 41.

Don Pachi, Finca Lérida, Boquete

Founded in 1873, Don Pachi is the oldest farm in the country and has been a pioneer in planting the most exclusive varieties of Panamá for more than 150 years. They have more than 10 varieties of coffee, including Geisha.

Take advantage of the caffeine energy and join a 4-hour walk with specialized guides to see each of the stages of planting, harvesting, and production of coffee. At the end, you’ll be able to taste a coffee and Geisha liqueur in the farm's laboratory. You can also choose a shorter visit or just the coffee tasting.

The Don Pachi Estate farm also offers specialized workshops on various parts of the production process, so that your experience goes one step further by roasting and packaging your own coffee. 

The cost of the experiences varies from $15 to $45.

5. Cafeto Arábica Farm

  • Location: Palmira
  • Getting there: 28 minutes from Bajo Boquete, along highway 41.

Cafeto Arábica farm has 12 hectares (29 acres) and it’s completely devoted to plant, as its name suggests, the Arábica variety of coffee. 

Visit this farm to see in person how it has managed to produce coffee of the highest quality. You’ll be able to walk through the coffee plantations, see the wet mill, the special drying system, and the roasting machine.

In Cafeto Arábica, coffee plantations are located under the shadow of fruit trees such as orange, lemon, banana, among others that give them a special savor to the bean. These trees shelter birds that help to maintain the necessary balance for the sowing and the harvest of an outstanding coffee.

Go all over the farm and finish your visit with a tasting of two varieties, seasonal fruits and a coffee on the house.

The cost of the experience is about $45.

6. Mamecillo Farm

  • Location: Jaramillo
  • Getting there: 18 minutes by car along Jaramillo Arriba road.

Finca Cafeto Arábica

This farm is named after the great number of fruits of “memecillo” that growth in its land, which is also a paradise of biodiversity. The 1,5 hectares (3,7 acres) devoted to coffee in this farm are surrounded by the same amount of foggy, native, and virgin rainforest. Not only does it provide the necessary shade to protect coffee plantations, but it also creates a safe small environment to protect wildlife.

In Mamecillo you can do coffee tours and combine them with other adventure activities. In its rainforests you can practice mountain bike, rappel, and hiking in search of waterfalls and much more.  

It’s an eco-friendly farm where pigs, chickens, and goats live in open fields, and they are raised responsibly. They also have sown fields of complete organic vegetables and programs of reforestation and treatment of food waste, in which they make compost and fertilizers for the sustainable development of the farm.

In Mamecillo farm you’ll be able to make an interactive and educational tour all over the land. It’s a 6-hour experience divided into 4 parts: in the morning, hiking along the foggy rainforest and the organic farm, where they’ll explain to you how it works. At midday, you’ll enjoy a delicious gastronomic farm-to-table experience that includes organic dishes prepared with seasonal products and, to finish, you’ll visit organic coffee plantations that include an explanation of the production processes and a delicious coffee tasting. 

The cost of the experience is about $120. You have to make a reservation for a minimum of 2 people.

7. Cafelandia Farm

  • Location: Bajo Boquete
  • Getting there: 15 minutes from Bajo Boquete downtown along south highway 4.

Visit this coffee paradise founded in 1932. Its 28 hectares (70 acres) are perfect for a coffee production of the highest quality. Visit Cafelandia to get to know a farm concerned with creating decent and responsible job opportunities, besides offering a better quality of life to their workers. In fact, its owners opened their farm’s doors to show its visitors the importance they give to their workers in every coffee process, from sowing to tasting.

Cafelandia offers a 2-hour experience, in which you can go all over the plantations and see the varieties of beans from the plants to the drying process. At the end, you can taste two types of coffee and choose your favorite one!

To participate in this experience, you need to make a reservation and it costs about $30.

8. La Milagrosa Cafetales Don Alfredo Farm

  • Location: Jaramillo
  • Getting there: 14 minutes from Bajo Boquete along Jaramillo Road.

La Milagrosa went from being a livestock farm to being a coffee farm. But it’s not just any farm, La Milagrosa has wide recreational spaces, picnic areas, suitable trails for hiking and, of course, a great coffee tour. 

During this 3-hour experience you’ll learn about sowing techniques while you go all over the plantation. Then, in the drying zones, you’ll learn the artisanal process needed to achieve the best coffee in the world; in the roasting zone you’ll see the process live and you’ll discover how they used recycled parts of cars and computers to build up their own roasting machine. Finally, don’t forget to taste a cup of freshly processed coffee. 

The cost of the experience is about $45.

9. Arcoíris Farm

  • Location: Los Naranjos
  • Getting there: less than 20 minutes by car from downtown Boquete, via Boquete.

Coffee farms

Arcoíris, Princesa Janca coffee house, is owned by two former Panamanian Presidents. In this place, healthy and sustainable procedures for the environment are used to sow. The tour starts at the offices where you’ll visit a small museum that tells you the history of its founders, and then, you’ll go to the coffee plantations, where you’ll be stunned by the views of Baru Volcan. The coffee mills, and the roasting machine are the next stop. The visit also includes a walk through a eucalyptus rainforest, the dam, and the hydroelectric plant. At the end, of course, you’ll enjoy a coffee tasting with the option of hot chocolate or tea. You have 3 options of 2 hours each to choose what to visit and how you’ll interact with workers. 

The cost of the experiences varies from $30 to $60.

10. Río Cristal Farm

  • Location: Boquete Tree Trek Adventure Park, Los Naranjos.
  • Getting there: 13 minutes from downtown Boquete. Transportation from downtown Boquete is included in the tour.

This is a different experience that includes entertainment, nature, rum, tea and coffee. In Boquete Tree Trek there are recreational options for every member of your family, you’ll be able to enjoy a tasting of the unique tea plantation in Panamá, dare to fly among the trees with its 12 zipline cables and walk along suspension bridges in the middle of an astonishing landscape. The coffee produced in this area is known as Kotowa Río Cristal. There, you’ll be able to walk through coffee plantations, learn about the history of coffee and finish with a premium coffee tasting that has won national and international contests. 

This experience lasts 2 hours and it costs about $30.

Boquete offers unequaled landscapes amidst the unmistakable aroma of coffee. Meet the families and workers who have made Panamá the undisputed leader in this industry. What are you waiting for to discover the authentic value of coffee?

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