Nature is Calling

Panamá is where worlds converge. Where bustling cities lead into breathtaking jungles. Where oceans meet. Where mountains rise into cloud forests. Where wildlife thrives and cultures flourish. Hike in the shade of centuries-old trees, discover a toucan singing in the green foliage, or dive into crystal-clear waterfalls. Your adventure has only just begun. Experience the world like you never have before. Experience Panamá. 

What to Do

There’s no better way to experience Panamá than exploring its outdoors. Hiking enthusiasts and cyclists alike will find plenty of trails to take on. Rich in tropical flora, diverse and unique wildlife, and picture-worthy sights, Panamá trails offer something for everyone, from easy and scenic excursions with city views to challenging and secluded trails around extinct volcanoes, islands, and lush rainforests with stunning waterfalls. 

Panamá is uniquely located at the point where North America and South America connect, allowing plant and animal life from both continents to merge and flourish over time. This incredibly rich biodiversity—combined with the fact that Panamá is the most forested country in Central America at 63% coverage—makes  Panamá’s Nature and Parks a can’t-miss! 

If thrills are what you seek, don’t miss out on our many zip-lining opportunities. With over one third of the country being protected natural land, the views are guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Glide over century-old forests, gaze upon their pristine rivers and waterfalls and take in all the native flora and fauna you will spot on the way down.







What to See

Turn to the sky and try to spot one of our thousands of bird species. When it comes to birdwatching, few countries in the world compare to Panama. Despite its small size, the country boasts a diversity of bird species greater than both the U.S. and Canada combined, and birding is enjoyed year-round.  Choose between 16 national parks located all over the country, being the most popular destinations for this activity the Panama Canal watershed, Soberanía National Park, Punta Patiño Nature Reserve, and Chiriquí Highlands.

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What to Taste

In Panamá, the ocean air from the Indian and Pacific Ocean collide to create a unique microclimate that serves as the perfect habitat for our diverse flora and super rich soil where some of the best coffee, cacao, and sugar cane can grow. Savor the smooth taste of organic cacao. Take a sip of a rum that has been aging for 100 years in Herrera.  Delight your senses with a fresh cup of the best coffee you'll ever taste. 

Of course, a trip to Panamá wouldn’t be complete without stopping by one of our many coffee farms. Located at the foothills of the Baru volcano, the highest point in the country, the Highlands are home to the farms that produce the world’s most valuable coffee—Geisha. In addition to some of the best-tasting coffee you’ll ever have, this region has a fascinating history that brings together indigenous communities, creative cuisine, and breathtaking nature.

Panamá has a plethora of delights for any palate. That’s why it’s no surprise that Panamá City has been a UNESCO Creative City in Gastronomy since 2017. In fact, our beautiful climate and lush vegetation make for some of the best farm-to-table options in the world. 




The Adventure Continues

Get the most out of your trip and truly discover all that  Panamá has to offer.